Christ Church Birregurra

Work has been completed on the 1980 steeple and bell tower at Christ Church, Birregurra.

Over the years erosion caused by the ravages of weather and action of cockatoos and corollas have caused extensive damage to the spire and bell tower. The birds sharpen their beaks on the sandstone and sometimes pick out the mortar for their personal amusement.  The three interesting rings symbols(the sign of the Trinity ) on the steeple have been filled in with cement.  Over the years they had been enlarged by the birds, who used them to perch in.  Hopefully this work will give this beautiful building another 100 years of pleasure to passers by.

Thank you to Birregurra Mail for the story, John James for his research and story.  Images by Janet Brien

Posted on August 1, 2016 .